Payment Methods

Pay Before the Deadlines

Please adhere to the deadlines mentioned in the Dates of Importance Link

Both Oral Presenters Link and Non-Presenters/Listeners are required to register and pay their registration fee Link before the final registration deadline. If you pay before the early bird deadline you will get a cheaper rate on the registration fee.

There are three payment options available in .You can pay your registration fee through,

  1. Online payment system
  2. Bank Transfer (TT)

Online Payment System

Online payment system is the fastest and easiest method to pay your registration fee and we recommend you to follow this method. The guidelines for the online payment system is as follows,

Steps to follow when you pay your registration fee online,

Online registration

Participating members may register as per the following charges:

Registration Fee Table
Early bird Payment Deadline
Regular Payment Deadline
Non Presenter/Listener/Attendee
Delegate (Presenter)
International (Non Presenter/Listener/Attendee)

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Mail Bank Statement

Once you have transfered the registration fees mail the screen shot of online transaction to your complete registration details)